Assorted LaTeX notes

Alt text for caption (e.g. for TOC)

\caption[Alt text]{Full text (\cite{source}) \label{fig:hello-world}}

Batch compilation in scripts, CI etc.

Use latexmk instead of calling latex directly

Bytefield broken (header disappearing)

instead of specifying a range of bits in the bitheader, enumerate them one by one

Bytefield nesting

EPS or PDF from Inkscape?

No reason to use EPS. No transparency support. Both formats seem to preserve text fine.

Extract range of pages from PDF

qpdf thesis.pdf --pages . 11-89 -- output.pdf

But, resultant file seems huge. Can also do Print to PDF.



Libertine really nice (ACM Proceedings)

How to type ~ (tilde)?


Rendering formulas to PNG

Tables that look good


Two figures side-by-side

But captions broken in ctuthesis -> change estylefloat{figure} to estylefloat*{figure} in ctuth-pkg

URLs in bibliography